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"MyBowl" For Pets

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I just found a very scary website. It is a website that attempts to educate pet owners on proper nutrition for pets. Great idea, but unfortunately, the site is promoted by Science Diet. I decided to try and give this new “nutrition center” the benefit of the doubt and check out their “My Bowl”, which essentially tells you what “in theory” should be in your pets dog food. My findings are as follows:

I found the “MyBowl” to be disgustingly inaccurate with the potential to greatly harm dogs if fed a food with the recommended ingredients. According to “MyBowl”, your dog should have 50% carbohydrates in their diet and roughly 25% protein and 25% fruits and vegetables. According to the “MyBowl”, some of the “good carbohydrate” sources you should look for are wheat and corn….um, no? The thing I find most fascinating is the fact that Science Diet is attempting to replicate the MyPlate idea by the USDA. However, the human MyPlate is actually fairly correct. Just by looking at the plate, the division of grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables is fairly equal (it looks like grain slightly favor the protein food group, but it’s pretty close). This is a fairly accurate example of what should be in a HUMAN diet. We are omnivores and get a benefit from all of the food groups. What fascinates me, is that generally Science Diet refers to dogs as omnivores as well. Since that is the case, wouldn’t it appear logical that their “MyBowl” resemble the portion sizes of the USDA’s MyPlate? At least that would make some sort of sense. However, since Science Diet makes pet foods that have very little protein and sometimes over 50% carbohydrates, they have decided to try to “educate” the public on their food products and not on what a dog should actually be eating. This is disgusting!

The truth is, your dog is a carnivore. He is designed to eat meat, not carbohydrates. With so many foods out there that contain 50% carbohydrates, it’s no wonder so many dogs are overweight, have dental issues, and have diabetes. Even our own doctors (and the USDA) do not recommend we eat a diet that contains 50% carbohydrates, so why is Science Diet recommending it for our pets?

To see for yourself the gross misrepresentation of what should actually be in your pets’ diet, check out http://www.petmd.com/mybowl

To see the MyPlate version by the USDA go here: http://www.choosemyplate.gov/

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