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We appreciate your feedback and do our best to give our customers what they want.  We offer special order on products you may not find elsewhere and are very open to hearing what you have to say.  Feel free to let us know how you feel privately by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.

Here is what people are saying about Pet Country on the world wide web!

Yelp by Kelly H.
Lake Forest, CA
5 stars
As good as it gets.
Read all the 5 star reviews and you will understand why.
My cats are family. They eat the best and I pay for it. I'd rather give my money to a family owned, local store.
They work with rescues and adopt animals out all the time. They offer discounted vet services every so often. 'Nuff said.
Knowledgeable and friendly. When I first started shopping there, it was because of the recalls and I started doing research. I settled on Orijen. Katie's dad helped me learn more and we chatted each time we went in.
Katie took over the store and handled it like a champ. She is constantly making improvements to the store, offering discounts to loyal customers and utilizing facebook and other tools. It's neat to watch her grow and succeed.
I have been shopping here for at least 6 years

Yelp by Mari H.
Irvine, CA
5 stars
So this is where you go for your pet food/treats if you love your pets.
No, it's not "cheap," as another reviewer noted, but there's no price gouging going on here. They have the best prices around for what they sell.
At Pet Country, you'll find a few lines great pet foods that you don't see in a recalls every other year, unlike those giant mega stores pimping their Purina. It's a small store with top notch brands that stand behind their products, including dry, canned and frozen foods, along with a great selection dried meat treats.
The staff is knowledgable and helpful with advice on what will likely work for your pet based on their existing preferences.
I get the Orijen cat foods. Delivery is on Thursday (this is important info, it sells out fast).
They offer a $5 discount on every $100 you spend there and there's a check-in discount on your third visit. 20% goes a long way on a $53 bag of kitty food!

Yelp by Homer S.
Lake Forest, CA
5 Stars
A great store dedicated to the health of your pet cat or dog (family member).

Yelp by Brad T.
Irvine, CA
5 Stars
Quick note - we switched the dogs' food to a grain free diet - the food is called Acana.  Very good, and Pet Country has several flavors/varieties - lamb, chicken, beef/buffalo, fish.  Katie, the owner, is friendly and knowledgable.  Best pet food store around, as far as I'm concerned.
5 Stars
I've been shopping at Pet Country for about a year now, ever since I saw it driving by one day and decided to go in and check it out.  Our dogs are finicky and we finally found a food they like - California Natural.  The price here is about $10 per bag, which is about $3 cheaper than Dogma.  California Natural is not sold at stores like PetSmart and Petco.  And since I'm on the subject, the food that PetSmart and Petco sell is garbage.  Buy your dogs some quality food at Pet Country.  

Besides the good prices, the owner lady is very friendly and knowledgable.  She studies all products before they stock them to make sure the quality is top of the line.  The treats here are awesome, albiet, a little on the expensive side.  They have all kinds of exotic treats like venison, buffalo, kangaroo, etc., as well as high quality chicken treats and so forth.  Basically, if Pet Country carries it, you can rest assured that it is high quality.  They also carry grain-free food like Orijen (among other brands), although our dogs prefer California Natural.

The last item I wanted to note is that this is a small family owned store.  I try to patronize these types of establishments when I can, especially when their prices are lower than the competition.  They also have exotic birds for sale and cat food/supplies.  I'm sure the cat food is of similar quality as the dog food (top of the line).  As long as Pet Country is in business (hopefully for a long time), I will never by my dogs' food anywhere else.

Yelp by Veronica W.
Irvine, CA
5 Stars
I recently started buying my maltipoo's dog food at Pet Country, which i love. I had recently switched her from puppy to adult on NeutroMax and my dog refused to eat it. She never had a problem with the puppy kind. And she can be a picky eater. So this went on for about 1 week. I did some research and found tons of issues with NeutroMax specifically the adult kind. No wonder she wasn't eating it! Poor thing probably thought I was trying to poison her! I was so upset about the whole thing and I always thought Neutro was great and one of the "healthier" of dog foods that you could buy at PetSmart. Wrong!
After reading what I found on the Internet I decided to head to Pet Country (which I had been to a couple of previous times). They helped me pick a new food for my little dog. I was worried about the food transition since I was not going to be able to ease her onto the new stuff. But she had no problems and loves the food! She is back to eating every day.
I love that they have a healthy selection for your beloved pets.
It's a small store and they don't have many products, like they aren't a PetSmart type place. But for good, nutritious dog food this is the place to go.

Also, they have bully sticks for cheap! The cheapest I have found anywhere. So it's my little hidden gem for those things. Other places charge like $20, you can get them here for $5 and up.

Go here if you want your dog to eat and be healthy!

Yelp by Kristen H.
Lake Forest, CA
5 Stars
Never did I think that my first review on Yelp would be of a pet store! Having never owned a pet before, I needed a lot of advice when I adopted a dog a month ago. My trip to Pet Country was well worth it.
Not only does Pet Country carry all American made products, they specialize in healthy foods for pets (i.e. no unnecessary fillers, chemicals, preservatives, etc.).

On my first trip in, Clint showed me around the store, answering the ridiculous number of questions I threw at him with great patience and a high level of knowledge.  He made a number of excellent suggestions regarding food and other items, gave me some samples of foods for my new precious to try, and even a free can of pumpkin for dogs! Bully sticks are reasonably priced and priced by volume. This is a good thing with how fast those are devoured in my household!

That was a month ago. I've since returned to the store a number of times and have been nothing but impressed every time. The employees I've come into contact with are always eager to help with a smile, and my precious loves everything I bring home from there.  

I find the store to be well organized with ample supply of a variety of items. They are small, so don't expect a selection like you'd find at PetSmart or Petco, but they're willing to special order items that you may need, if you have the time to wait. I'm so glad they're close to home, but for those that aren't local to the area, it's worth the drive to check it out.

On a side note, if you're looking for a kitten or cat, they do adoptions. They also carry a selection of birds. No fish, no dog adoptions, but they do have a number of events for grooming and other pet related events periodically.

I have found my favorite local pet store, and am thrilled to support a local small business. I know that shopping at Pet Country my precious is getting high quality products made in America from people who genuinely care about the welfare of animals.

Yelp by Erica R.
Orange County, CA
I am relieved to have found such a bird-friendly pet store in my area!  After receiving a postcard for Pet Country in the mail, I popped in to buy some food for my two 'keets.  I could not believe their selection of birds and supplies--plus, the place was very clean.  Katie (who runs the shop) was there.  She handpicks all of the birds and can tell you everything you want to know about them, plus a great deal about each type of species.  I learned more about birds in the 30 minutes I was there than I have in the dozens of pet stores I've visited in the last 20 years.

Citysearch review by Luvsdogs
June 10, 2010
5 Stars
Awesome Service!Saved my Puppy!. My new pup had terrible colitis/ diarrhea from multiple treatments for parasites. I was dealing with 12-14 diarrhea stools per day. He was exhausted all the time &slept the entire weekend. I was scared & worried, since he is a Brittany & had been very very active!! The vet had told me to put the pup on Purina DCO but when I read the ingredients I called Purina to check calorie content & even they said it was not "nutritionally adequate for a pup". The protein source was "animal digest". YUCK! I live in Aliso Viejo & went to every premium food pet shop I could find for advice without results, then I remembered seeing Pet Country on my Vets web links. As soon as I walked in Katie listened to the entire history of my dog, asked a few questions then suggested Grandma Lucy's freeze dried lamb diet. She also had canned organic pumpkin (canned pumpkin was recalled last august so not a single market had it!!) I followed her instructions & after 2 feedings my pup had formed stool!!! After only 4 days his energy is back & his coat looks awesome. She has ordered some single source protein, no grain dry kibble for my dog to try in a few weeks. Plus I went back the next day & she had plain lamb training meat&a freezed dried lamb trail mix I could use to continue training my puppy. I know one reviewer noted the food is expensive, but if you want human grade quality food for you dog, it is more expensive than Petsmart, but well worth the benefits to your dog. My 2 12yr olds are on Orijen senior now &the color is back in their coats&they have one stool per day!! It's worth every penny to feed your animals no grain hi quality protein food. So why not support a local small business where you will have access to expert advice& someone that truly cares for animals!! I will be forever grateful to Katie for helping my puppy!!! That is priceless!!

Yelp by Tara K.
Lake Forest, CA
5 Stars
This store is great! They carry my dog's brand - Orijen (among other high quality brands) - which is awesome because when I first started buying it I thought I could only find it online. This store sells it for a lot cheaper than the site I was getting it from, and now I don't have to wait for shipping either (read: we've been bad parents and forgot to order in time)! Their set up is great, and I'm usually in and out within less than 5 minutes. They're also super close to my house, which is an added bonus. Definitely recommended!

InsiderPages by Laura K.
September 02, 2009
5 Stars
Pet Country is a great place for hand-tamed exotic birds.
We were introduced to Parrotlets by Keith, the owner of Pet Country. Over the last couple of years we have purchased 3 little parrotlets from Keith, and we love them all. Keith was very patient and let us visit with the birds a lot before we chose them. Now they are part of the family. Each of my sons has one, and so do I. When we are home the birds are never in their cages. They are usually on the collar of somebody's shirt, or hanging out with the boys in their room. These little birds are cheerful, but they don't scream like some exotic birds birds do. They love to be snuggled and be in the center of whatever we are doing. My little guy, Peanut, is here with me now, sharing my toast and helping me type. They are sweet pets. If you can get them hand-fed and tamed when they are babies, like the ones Keith sells, it makes a big difference. We will probably purchase more birds at Pet Country in the future.

Yelp by Azucena M.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars
After many visits to several boutique pet shops in LA and Orange County this store is BY FAR the best they are focusing more on carrying dog items, as they no longer carry reptiles and their selection has expanded to include so many hard to find foods (such as goodness) yet there prices are better than any place ive been to!! the owner gives you the BEST advice and they also carry the EZY brand of accessories that I cant find anywhere else though this store is out of the way, ITS AWESOME, and im not even exaggerating :)

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